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Welcome to The Flint Path.

I’m Ali. I live in Sussex, close to the sea and the beautiful landscape of the South Downs.


I’m an artist, countryside ambler, avid lover of history and folklore, reader, journal keeper and coffee fanatic. My background is in teaching art and running creative events in both Sussex and Kent.

Mindfulness is now recognised as a brilliant tool for well-being and I feel that creative doodlings, of any kind, have always had this covered. Our local woodland is my go-to place for feeling grounded and restored : it's mostly where I tend to gather my  ideas. 


My art is inspired by the plants and animals of Sussex, combined with the whimsical imagery of folk art. I’m particularly drawn to intricate design and delicate detail.


Every piece of decorative art is handmade by me in my little home studio that looks over the garden.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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